FARMSKIN’S Partner Farm

In order to find the best cosmetic ingredients we need,
Farmskin constantly considered the conditions of healthy ingredients with a strict standard.

Farmskin believes that healthy ingredients come from a good-hearted producer.
We introduce the best partners we’ve found who are trying to work for both people
and nature after countless visits to numerous farms.

Colostrum – CheoungWon Farm

“ Colostrum from happy cows living at
a farm surrounded by mountains
where clean breeze and water flows. ”

Who Produces?

Hello, I am Yong-dae Ahn, a farmer who is working as a second generation cow farmer in Hyeondo-myeon, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea.

With the belief ‘Healthy colostrum comes from healthy, happy cows’, I maintain half the average number of cows compared to most farms to maintain a pleasant environment. I keep a daily farm log and carefully supervises every food and water of the cows.

I hope that the colostrum at Cheong-won Ranch here will bring health and happiness to anyone who consumes our product, and to do that, I will happily take care of the cows my best to produce the highest quality colostrum.

Distinction of The Farm

The Cheong-won Farm, which shares Farmskin’s dream of becoming a skincare brand for both people and nature, puts the health and safety of consumers first. The farm is not only equipped with a HACCP certified hygienic management system but also is a non-antibiotic farm certified by Korea Ministry of Agriculture. Because colostrum has a characteristic of a rapid decrease in nutrition content over the number of milking and time, Cheong-won Ranch only supplies the colostrum obtained during the 3 days after the birth of a calf, when the nutrition content is the highest.

Co-Prosperity Story of The Farm

Farmskin utilizes colostrum as a valuable cosmetic ingredient, which was not a source of value for farmers. By purchasing colostrum from farms through fair trade, Farmskin turned colostrum into value, giving added source of income to the farmers.

Farmskin continues to receive high quality colostrum with good partnership with Cheong-won Farm, which is selected as the 6th industrial farm to promote local economies, increase added value, restore communities and productive welfare.

Production Process

Colostrum that is
produced for three days
after the birth of the calf

3 Degree Pasteurization
and Processing

Active Ingredient

Cosmetic Raw

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