The Rediscovery

A Journey That Started with the Rediscovery of Colostrum

Farmskin found out that colostrum of cows, which has not been utilized as resources in rural areas of Korea,
is considered valuable and used in various fields in foreign countries.
Since then, we begun research on colostrum in cooperation with Konkuk University,
a leader in agriculture and livestock bioscience.

Through persistent researches, Farmskin discovered that colostrum is an optimized ingredient for cosmetics,
and developed its own colostrum processing technology that can deliver it to our skin intact.

Farmskin will continue its effort for your healthy skin by re-discovering
potentials of nutritious raw materials from rural areas fortified with science.


Philo-Farm, Farmskin is Philosophy

Farmskin will continue to make all products under its own philosophy, Philo-Farm. Through Philo-Farm, we will make a product that families of every team member in Farmskin want to use, a product that we can confidently recommend to our loved ones, and a product that contributes to development of rural communities. If there’s any product does not fit Philo-Farm, we will never put it on the market.


Drawing a Model of Co-Prosperity

Farmskin aims to inspire the world through a sincere heart, innovative technologies, creative designs, and contribute to the development of rural communities through a model of co-prosperity with farms. If someone asks other people outside Farmskin which company is working to make better option for consumers and which company is truly contributing to the development of rural communities, we hope that their answer will be “Farmskin.”

CEO Message

Hello, I am Taeil Kwak, the CEO of Farmskin.

I grew up in a rural village called Soro-ri where buses came in only a few times a day. At that time, I used to work at my father is pig farm after school. After helping my father, my hands smelled bad, and I was ashamed to tell my friends, “My father is a farmer who runs a pig farm.“

Then, during my university years, I learned that the colostrum of cows, which has not been used as a resource in rural areas of Korea, is being used in various fields and considered valuable abroad. Afterward, I returned to Korea and began research on colostrum in cooperation with Konkuk University, an alma mater and a leader in agricultural and livestock science. After repeated research, we found that colostrum is an optimal cosmetic ingredient, and succeeded in developing unique colostrum processing technology to deliver its full nutrition to human skin.

The farm of rural areas that I grew up gave me a chance to rediscover the possibility of colostrum. It is no longer shameful, but a beautiful place with development potentials of co-prosperity business.

I spent a long time and effort finding mild and effective cosmetics for myself, who has sensitive acne skin since childhood. I finally found a solution for healthy skin from colostrum.

I started Farmskin for all who have sensitive skin with the sincere heart of a child, a young myself who was worried about his acne and delicate skin. But, when I realized that the first product I made with such a mind could not satisfy everyone, I fell into a big disappointment.

Just as some people are allergic to certain foods, our skin can be allergic to certain cosmetic ingredients. Even various certified cosmetic ingredients cannot be good for all.

With such experience, Farmskin will continue to produce products for everyone under Farm Skin is unique philosophy, Philo-Farm. Through Philo-Farm, we will make products that everyone in the team can confidently recommend to their loved ones, and can also contribute to the welfare of rural communities. If there is any product that does not fit the mind of Philo-Farm, we wot release it.

Farmskin aims to inspire the world through sincere heart, innovative technology, and creative design, and contribute to the development of rural communities through a model of co-prosperity with farmers.

Farmskin, connects the global market consists of more than 40 countries, including the US, China, Europe, Canada, Dubai, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, and India, with the rural communities, continuing its effort for your healthy skin with nutritious raw materials from rural areas fortified with science.

When someone from outside Farmskin asks which company is working to make better options for people around the world and is truly contributing to the development of rural communities, we hope that the answer will be Farmskin.

We, Farmskin, will always look back to the basics and work with a renewed mind.

We hope you love and support our journey.
Thank you.

Beauty from Farmers’ Market

Know what you have in your hand.

People love Farmers’ Markets for its Transparency & Freshness.
We strive to bring the same values into our products. To do so, we connect farmers to you.

We, at Farmskin, define ourselves as the Farmers is Market in the skin industry. We focus on minimizing the raw materials’ supply chain. The majority of our natural and eco-friendly ingredients are supplied from local farms directly partnered with Farmskin. Our partners who are carefully selected, share our values of being kind to both people and nature. Working in collaboration with our local farms truly enables us to deliver safe and clean products for our customers.

Eco Active Labs’

Endless Story : iEco Dream Lab

Research and Development above all

“Eco Active Lab” is powered by 50% of our budget. Farmskin is heavily invested in research and development to continue building and executing our limitless imaginations. Our goal is to provide consumers with effective, eco-friendly, and safe products.

Farmskin holds a bunch of dreamers and geeks. There are moments when everyone thinks, “Never mind, it was a stupid idea.” or “Do we even need a test to find out this is a stupid idea?”

Well, we don’t.
At the stage of product planning, everyone adds ideas regardless of the department, and no ideas are considered trivial. We believe that constant and diverse challenge is the key to unparalleled potency. With such effort, Farmskin produces effective & eco-friendly products. Yet, we take safeness as our prior concern. Farmskin requires all its products to be dermatologically tested and replaces all possible products with allergen-free fragrances. Always seeking for ways to improve, we hope to live as a neverending story to our consumers.

Rediscovery of Classic

Proven by history, powered by science

While others search the whole world for exotic materials, we focus on what we know the best, classic materials. Our harvested ingredients must be familiar to you. Strength of Farmskin comes from enhancing and rediscovering the potential power of classic, natural ingredients.
While exotic elements definitely intrigue interest, we know that they do not work magic. Instead, we turned our heads to the timeless and proven elements of classic materials. The benefit of classic materials are not a new fact but its full potential has never been fully discovered. Introducing the latest technology, we enhance and rediscover the potent power of classic materials. We strive to find more hidden power of these natural ingredients and share this benefit with the consumers.


Eco-Friendly Option

Consumers are demanding more eco-friendly options, and Farmskin continues to seek better alternatives. Defining Mother Nature as our root, we respect nature and know that safe and clean ingredients come from a healthy nature.
Our partnered farms have been working tirelessly to reduce environmental footprint, even before our partnership. Eco-friendly farming requires more effort and cost. Farmskin encourages and supports partnered farms to continue their passion for eco-friendly farming.


Promoting Knowledge

Farmskin hopes to go beyond just making safe and clean products. We hope to share our values of healthful and mindful living with the world. Farmskin supports content creation related to wellbeing of people and nature. We promote knowledge that helps people to live a healthy, beautiful, and eco-friendly life. Farmskin strives for the world where everyone respects both nature and people.


Returning Favor

Farmskin hopes to stay kind to both people and nature. Therefore, our support is not only limited to our partner farms but also includes their com- munities. We tribute our support in the welfare of the communities we work with by supporting single mothers, helping them to recover financial independence and happiness. We also spearhead fostering youth, the growth engine of rural com- munities, to narrow widening gaps between urban and rural areas. By doing so, Farmskin becomes incorporated in the communities we business in, going beyond the buyer-seller partnership by building trust and affection. This is how Farmskin achieves solid, reliable farm partners and also stays kind to people.

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