What Can 1 Week of Using ‘Superfood’ Sheet Masks Do for Your Skin?

We’re more than familiar with daily sheet masking—in fact, some of us even swear by it for extra stressed or extra special occasions. We’ve done one-week trials for masks that are formulated for daily use and even masks that aren’t, but a 7-day set of masks that each target different skin concerns? Well, consider us burning with curiosity.

In 2017, skincare brand Farmskin came into the K-beauty scene with a promise to deliver the benefits of superfoods straight to hungry skin. Their products are formulated with fresh, tried-and-tested ingredients, including colostrum, the latest in anti-aging wonder finds. While they’ve got tons of promising products in their skincare “grocery,” their superfood salad sets are probably the most unique. Tell us: have you ever shopped sheet masks that looked good enough to eat?

MEET THE FARMSKIN SUPERFOOD SALAD SETS If we spotted these at the produce section of our local supermarket, we’d see nothing out of the ordinary. They’re positively delectable, boasting the various fresh ingredients in each mask’s formulation right on the package. Each of the 4 sets comes with 7 sheet masks that are mixed and matched to give your skin the best treatment. You’ve got the carrot salad for tricky pores, the tomato salad for dull skin, the avocado salad for extreme dryness, and the coconut salad for extra glow.

Farmskin is a brand grounded in the study of agriculture and life science and their product development is strategically guided by it. So, you can expect each sheet mask to be chock-full of ingredients specially sourced for their skin-saving properties, while each set is curated according to the masks that match up best. These sets function much like an actual salad, except they nourish your skin, not your gut: each component may be good for you on their own, but they work even more beautifully together.

To test their efficacy, we got BeautyMNL team member Dani to pick out a set to try for a week. Her #1 skin issue is clogged pores and excess oil, so she went with the pure-purifying carrot salad for this experiment. Scroll for her 7-day log!



A pore-purifying mask that smoothes skin texture and unclogs pores

Dani: “Even if the sheet mask was soaked with essence, it felt really nice on the skin. It had been a long day, but I felt the instant pick-me-up people talk about after using a sheet mask—it was like a slap of cold water to the face!”


An antioxidant mask that soothes redness, irritation, and sensitivity

Dani: “I woke up, and maybe it’s a placebo effect, but my skin looked smoother? But it was too early to tell, especially since my skin’s been more sensitive. Used the second sheet mask this night, and hoped for the same results the next morning.”


A brightening mask infused with vitamin C for a radiance boost

Dani: “Admittedly, I looked more than a Day 1 that I looked like a Day 3 this morning. I woke up extra early without having had much sleep. I also noticed that zits I had were starting to scab over and flake. I didn’t know if this was a bad thing or not. Yet, I pressed on: Onto another sheet mask!”


A firming mask that tightens and helps nurture skin elasticity

Dani: “The night of Day 3, I noticed that there was a slight stinging sensation on my face, but when I removed the sheet mask, there wasn’t any noticeable irritation. It left my skin with a nice little flush, though—one that lasted until the next morning.”


An illuminating mask that deeply nourishes and plumps up skin

Dani: “Woke up, and decided I could go the day without makeup—my skin looked the best it had been in a while. And though applying a sheet mask every night took effort, it was worth the results I had been having.”


A refreshing mask that gently revitalizes dull, tired skin

Dani: “There wasn’t a noticeable improvement from the day before, but my skin didn’t look any worse either. I like the stability of having skin that wasn’t prone to surprise zits, so I’m happy!”


A skin-balancing mask that helps protect skin from environmental stressors

Dani: “Throughout the week, I noticed that my skin felt deeply moisturized. Not surprising, since sheet masks are designed to deliver potent nourishment. For someone with chronically oily skin like me, I really felt the difference that extra hydration can do.”


“My skincare routine is pretty simple: I cleanse, tone, moisturize, and every other day, I use a BHA, which helps keep my skin clear. And when I remember? I mask. Admittedly, I use more clay masks than I do sheet masks because of my very oily T-zone. In my experience, I think clay mask works better at sucking up pore-dirt.

So while I wouldn’t have normally agreed to using sheet masks for a week straight, as my skin’s been extra sensitive recently—this experiment couldn’t have come at a better time. In the end, I really liked the outcome. My skin looked more bouncy, was softer, and the redness on my face disappeared. As for my pores, they looked as clean as ever. A pleasant surprise!

I might not use a sheet mask everyday because I’m too lazy for that, but I will definitely add them into my weekly skincare routine.” —Dani

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